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150 000 New Employment Opportunities
Provides jobs for local employment for the residents of the Northwest New Territories and achieves sustainable home-job balance.

61 500 New Residential Units
Provides homes for about 218 000 residents, including 176 000 new population.

A series of civic and Government, Institution and Community (GIC) facilities will be provided. There will also be a comprehensive pedestrian footpaths and cycle tracks network and adequate open spaces, creating a good quality and sustainable living, working and business environment with easy access to the surrounding established development areas.

Planning & Urban Design Concepts

Compact City - Concentrate higher density developments around public transport nodes

Distinctive Nodes - Develop a hierarchy of identifiable focal points

Green Spine - Capitalise green spaces along the river channels, the Regional Park, Regional Plaza and other open spaces

Blue-Green Design - Revitalise existing river channel to form a continuous blue-green network

Walkability - Create walkable communities through pedestrian-friendly environmental network

Breathing Space - Create ventilation corridors and breathing space

Stepped Development Profile - Create a harmonious urban context

Celebrating Views - Optimise vistas by maintaining fung shui lanes and introducing visual corridors

Integrative Design - Respond to existing spatial layouts and character in adjoining areas

Appreciation of Nature and Culture - Preserve and enhance natural and cultural assets and connectivity

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