Modern Service Hub
New Employment Opportunities

Provides jobs for local employment for the residents of the Northwest New Territories and achieves sustainable home-job balance.
New Residential Units

Provides homes for about 218 000 residents, including 176 000 new population.
A series of civic and Government, Institution and Community (GIC) facilities will be provided. There will also be a comprehensive pedestrian footpaths and cycle tracks network and adequate open spaces, creating a good quality and sustainable living, working and business environment with easy access to the surrounding established development areas.
Planning & Urban Design Concepts
1 Compact City Concentrate higher density developments around railway stations and public transport nodes
2 Distinctive Nodes Develop a hierarchy of identifiable focal points to foster interaction and vibrancy
3 Green Spine Capitalise green space along the river channel, the Regional Park, Regional Plaza and other open spaces to form a green spine of the NDA
4 Blue-Green Design Revitalise existing river channel to form a continuous blue-green network
5 Walkability Create local communities with good accessibility and walkability through pedestrian network including pedestrian and shopping streets
6 Breathing Space Create ventilation corridors and breathing space through disposition of developments
7 Stepped Development Profile Create a harmonious urban context through stepped building height and development intensity profile
8 Celebrating Views Optimise vistas by maintaining fung shui lanes and introducing visual corridors
9 Integrative Design Respond to the pattern of existing spatial layouts and character in the adjoining areas
10 Appreciation of Nature and Culture Preserve and enhance natural and cultural assets and connectivity